Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salame di Capra - Goat Salame Tasting Notes

The goat salame is ready! They smell amazing. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

Take a look below for more details on how they tasted.

These were ready after about 22 days in a chamber @ 55 F / 75% RH. I'm guessing that because the goat is so lean, it dried out pretty fast. These lost about 45% of their weight.
Here it is cut.
Nice definition, beautiful crimson color.Smells like herbs and spices.

As far as the flavor is concerned; it's fantastic. Very gamey/goatey, pepper is evident as is the rosemary and the cinnamon. Might reduce the cinnamon just a touch next time. The texture is very nice. They have some good "chew" to them, without being jerky-like. There is, I believe, the right amount of fat. This is a definite "make again".


Mosaica said...

It looks great, and sounds as if it tastes delicious. Great job Jason! I wish you were my neighbor, not for the first time ;-)

Jasonmolinari said...


Anonymous said...

Se e' buono come e' bello direi che e' un piccolo capolavoro!

Jasonmolinari said...

Direi che forse e' PIU' buono di quanto sia bello!

Anonymous said...

I work with Jason and when he offered a taste of the goat salame i thought to myself...get ready for something like bad home made wine! OMG, the taste was sweeeeeet and very balanced wonderful flavor! Needless to say, my begging for Jason to make more is a big thumbs up from this friend from Boston.

Dave said...

I recently was given some axis deer meat and was looking to make a fermented salami out of it. I would think that something very similar to your goat recipe would be ideal. I was thinking about smoking it after fermentation, any thoughts on these ideas?

great blog btw!

Jasonmolinari said...

Dave, my buddy Scott @ Sausage Debauchery did exactly what you are wanting to do, smoked venison salame...Kaminwurzen..