Sunday, May 15, 2011

Salame Gentile – Ready to Eat

After a long 4+ months drying in the curing chamber, the salame Gentile is finally ready.
It took over 4 months for it to lose 40% of its weight; it’s still quite soft, as Gentile should be.
It’s normally hard to achieve such a long drying time with salami because they would tend to be way too hard by the end of 3-4 months unless they're huge in diameter. This one isn't that big in diameter and the reason it was possible this salame so long is because it was stuffed in a hog bung. The bung is a good 2-3mm thick with  tremendous amount of fat in it which slows the drying considerably, making the wait for a first tasty nearly unbearable.
It's finally done, so let's eat!