Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plug and Play Thermohygrostat

When I first made my curing chamber finding the necessary temperature and humidity controllers was a bit of a challenge. They were out there but they were expensive and somewhat specialized. (at least for humidity control, temperature has always been easy)
Recently I ran across something which would make the whole thing a little easier. It's a thermohygrostat all in one with two plug and play outputs.

Basically, with this controller, you plug the fridge into one outlet, the humidifier into the other, put the sensor in the fridge, and set it and go. Seems pretty awesome to me!

If anyone has tried one of these, I'd like to hear how it works, but I suspect it's pretty good, as Auber Instruments makes good, inexpensive, controllers.

UPDATE 2/15/14: A friend pointed out that Auber now makes a controller for high humidity environments which has a more robust humidity sensor...i've heard the ones on the standard one go out if they get too's $20 more but seems to be worth it.