Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pancetta Steccata dei Monti Nebrodi - Tasting

The pancetta I made late last year is ready (well, it was actually ready in February!), and it's FAAAANTASTIC.

The quality of the pork from Mosefund farm is spectacular. The fat has a wonderful low melting point and just disappears on the tongue.
 The folding allowed the pancetta to stay quite a bit moister than leaving it all flat, while allowing for long aging.
The spicing is great, and evident, but the flavor of the pork stands out beautifully.
This is great both eaten sliced thin on bread, put on warm pizza or in cooking. It's a winner all around!

Thanks again to Mosefund for the Mangalitza belly. I can't recommend them enough. Their pork is great, go get some right now!