Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New supplier of Italian goods!

Fellow cured meats aficionado Scott, over at Sausage Debauchery, has become so enamored with cured meats that he's decided he wants to help others with their supplies, and while he's at it, with other Italian goods. He's deciding what to carry, so go take a look over at his blog and let him know! I know I want some of that Calabrese hot chili pepper for my future Nduja endeavor!

Good luck Scott!


scott said...

Thanks, Jason!

Unknown said...

I was looking at this blog is found it interesting.
My family and I also make cured meats, we sell them in Italy and in the UK. We're from Calabria so only make Calabrean stuff like the 'Nduja, Capicollo, Schicciata, pancetta, etc.
Have a look at my blog, the pictures are there...

calabriataste blog or