Sunday, November 25, 2007

Need an opinion about blog posts.

Need an opinion from my readers (anybody out there?)

As you know this is a slow hobby, and as you've seen posts are pretty infrequent (there really is only so much cured meat I can eat!). One way to speed up the posts very slightly would be to post the procedure for curing the meat separately from the tasting notes. Posting it all together makes it a little neater, and puts everything in 1 post, although the posts needs to wait for the meat to finish curing.

So, please vote in the poll on the sidebar to the right. One, longer post for each product, or separate each product into multiple posts to increase the frequency (slightly).



Anonymous said...

We're out here! Your blog rocks. Rocks, I tell you! You're at the vanguard of a pending culinary revolution in the USA.


Jasonmolinari said...

Thanks Jimmy. Glad you like the blog.

The Blissful Glutton said...

I am loving what you have dine so far. Very unique to what is out there. As a reader, I would like to see more posts. Maybe some photos of each "project" as it progresses? I am curious to see the stages of curing. You could also do more posts about trends, equipment, news, etc. concerning curing around the world.
Just a thought, but kudos so far.

Jasonmolinari said...

Thanks for the ideas Jennifer. I'm not sure I know much about trends and equipment, but I'll see what I can find to post up.

I'll also try to make more posts as the curing processes through various stages.

Jane said...


Like everyone else, I'm out here also. I like your blog a lot! Keep it up! My next project will be coppa. Even thought I'm a little lost what I'm looking for. But I will get it some day!

Thank you for a great blog.


Jasonmolinari said...

Jane, finding a coppa can be difficult, but once you realize where it is, you'll see it.

It might be easier to start with a bresaola.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped in. I like what I see and will be taking notes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

your blog is amazing, youre a scientist at heart. please if you can arrange for the cured meats to be present on the page in taste-o-vision, then we can try out the fruits of your hard labour as well. you mention theres only so much cured meat you can eat, well, share the love!
all the best